Adult BracesIf not, then we’d love to tell you a bit more about it, because it is a revolutionary orthodontic system specially designed for adults. You might be interested if you have always wanted a straighter smile but dislike the thought of wearing traditional braces for two years or more. Instead, you could be sporting a straighter, potentially healthier and more attractive smile in a matter of months. As you probably guessed, treatment typically takes just six months to complete, but some people may need as little as three or four months or might require slightly longer, up to nine months.

What is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is a fixed braces system, but unlike conventional metal braces, the brackets and wires are barely noticeable. Instead, it uses specially designed clear brackets attached to tooth-colored wires. The system is specifically designed to use low forces to move your teeth, safely, comfortably and quickly. The great thing about using fixed braces is that they are continually working to move your teeth. Additionally, fixed braces provide extremely precise tooth movements, giving you an optimal treatment outcome. Six Months Smiles has taken the very best parts of the fixed braces to provide you with a simple and discreet tooth straightening solution. The shorter treatment times are reflected in the price, so it’s highly affordable too!

Who Can Have Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is suitable for adults whose teeth and jaws have finished growing and developing. It could be the right solution if you have teeth that are overlapping or crooked, or if you have unsightly gaps in between your teeth. The system isn’t designed to remedy more complex orthodontic problems because it concentrates on straightening the teeth that are visible when you smile, laugh or talk. It is a good cosmetic solution that can be a healthier and typically less expensive alternative compared to correcting tooth positions with multiple veneers or crowns.

What Is the Procedure for Six Month Smiles?

If you are interested in this treatment, it’s best to schedule a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Benjamin Hull, who will need to carry out a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums to determine if you are a good candidate for treatment. We might also need to take x-rays and photographs, and impressions of your teeth to create models showing how your teeth occlude or bite together. If you decide to go ahead with treatment, these models are used to calculate exactly how your teeth will move and to determine precisely where each bracket is positioned on your teeth.

During your next appointment, your teeth will be fitted with the clear brackets and Dr. Hull will attach the tooth-colored wires. The brackets are already positioned in custom-made mouth trays that are fabricated using the models of your teeth. It is a technique that ensures the brackets are placed where they need to be exactly, and of course, it helps to make sure your appointment is quicker and smoother. To apply the brackets, Dr. Hull will apply a special adhesive agent to your teeth and to the brackets, before inserting the tray into your mouth, ensuring every bracket is seated correctly. Once the adhesive is set, the tray is removed, and the adhesive is finally hardened with a special light to make sure the brackets are bonded securely onto your teeth. Finally, the tooth-colored wires are attached to the brackets and adjusted to provide the correct tooth movements. Because low forces are used to move your teeth, treatment should feel more comfortable than traditional braces, but it is perfectly normal to experience a little tightness after your braces are initially fitted. It is because the wires are beginning the process of moving your teeth. Now your teeth have started moving, you should begin to see the difference each month.

Afterward, you will need to visit us here at Ivory Dental every few weeks, just so we can make sure your treatment is progressing nicely and to adjust the wires. Normally, between three and seven wire adjustments are needed during treatment. These appointments should be pretty quick, and we will probably only need about 15 minutes or so to make the adjustments.

Looking after Your Braces

Once you have your braces, it’s important to look after them and to make sure you clean around the brackets thoroughly during brushing and flossing. You may find it easier to use interdental brushes or a water pik to clean around the brackets and wires, and it can be a good idea to brush after each meal. Also, you will need to avoid very sticky foods that can be difficult to remove from your braces. Hard foods can damage the brackets or wires as well. When you eat very crunchy foods such as apples, it’s useful to cut them into small pieces to make them easier to chew without damaging your braces. Because treatment is so quick, you will only need to do this for a very short while, and the end results will be well worth it! Once your braces are off, you should have a beautiful and brand-new smile to show off to friends and family.

Maintaining Your New Smile

After completing treatment, you will need to wear a retainer which is standard with any form of orthodontic treatment. It takes some time for your teeth to settle into their new positions which is why a retainer is needed, and it will ensure all that hard work doesn’t go to waste! You should only need to wear your retainer at night, or alternatively, you could choose to have a thin wire retainer permanently bonded to the inside surfaces of your teeth.

The Potential Bonus of Teeth Straightening

If your teeth are quite crooked and overlapping, or if you find food becomes trapped in any gaps in between them, then your oral health could be easier to maintain after Six Month Smiles. Straighter teeth are easier to brush and floss, helping to reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

If you are interested in Six Month Smiles, please contact Ivory Dental so we can schedule your initial consultation. Just think, in a few months your teeth could look significantly straighter, and a great smile can be a real confidence booster!