Adult OrthodonticsOver the past few years, it’s become increasingly common to see people of all ages sporting the most wonderfully perfect smiles with nice white and evenly aligned teeth. With the increasing popularity and affordability of cosmetic dentistry, beautiful teeth are no longer the preserve of the rich and famous. Nowadays just about anyone can have a fantastic smile and one important treatment that is frequently used is adult orthodontics. If you didn’t have the chance to have orthodontic treatment as a child or perhaps have seen your teeth move position as you get older then it’s never too late to correct these problems.

You Are Never Too Old to Straighten up

Here at Ivory Dental our dentist Dr. Benjamin Hull is seeing increasing numbers of adult patients who want to know how they can straighten their teeth. It isn’t difficult to see why more adults are considering orthodontics, because nowadays there is no need to wear highly visible “train track” braces with thick heavy wires and brightly colored elastics. Instead, modern orthodontics uses discreet orthodontic appliances, that once fitted onto teeth are barely visible.

The good news is that provided your teeth are healthy and strong, you really aren’t ever too old for orthodontic treatment, but for adults, it is a little different compared to orthodontics for children. This is because in adults, the jaws have long since finished growing and developing so that changing the positions of teeth must be accomplished in a slightly different way. With children, the jaws are still growing and developing, and frequently orthodontic treatment is timed to coincide with growth spurts. Adult orthodontics doesn’t need to consider these factors, but good oral health is very important.

Why Good Dental Health Is Vital

Before you contemplate any sort of orthodontic treatment as an adult, Dr. Hull will need to carry out a comprehensive examination of your teeth and especially your gums. Gum health or periodontal health is extremely important during orthodontic treatment because your teeth will be repositioned, and this includes the tooth roots situated in your jawbone. As your teeth move it affects the bone surrounding them which has to undergo a remodeling process to reflect their new positions and to ensure your teeth are held firmly in place once treatment is completed.

If you have poor gum health or periodontal disease, then this can affect the bone surrounding your teeth. In advanced periodontal disease, this could negatively affect the long-term prognosis for your teeth. Any signs of dental problems will need to be addressed before you can begin orthodontic treatment. This will protect your oral health while ensuring that the outcome of orthodontics will last longer so you will get more time to enjoy your beautifully straight teeth, hopefully for life. So, once you have seen Dr. Hull to ensure you have good oral health, what’s the next step for treatment?

The next stage is to decide which orthodontic problems need correction. With adult orthodontics, common problems requiring correction include overcrowded and overlapping teeth, or closing or minimizing unsightly gaps in between teeth. Often this can be accomplished using what’s called a cosmetic brace.

Why Choose a Cosmetic Brace?

A cosmetic orthodontic brace uses advanced technologies to comfortably straighten teeth that are visible whenever you smile or talk. These are the teeth that are in your “smile line” as it’s likely these teeth are causing you the most concern. A cosmetic brace isn’t designed to correct more significant orthodontic problems with the way your teeth bite together. Instead, it will give you a beautifully straight and healthy smile in a way that is discreet, cost-effective and long-lasting. Pleasant Hill Dental shares some reasons why you should consider cosmetic dental treatment to get the smile you want, "Feeling great about the way your teeth look will help you feel comfortable showing them off more often. Studies show that the more a person smiles, the friendlier they appear and the better impressions that they make."

Straighten Your Teeth More Quickly Than You Might Ever Have Imagined

When you think about orthodontic treatment, you probably imagine that you will have to wear braces for many months or even a year or more. However, with a cosmetic brace, it’s possible to gain great results within just a matter of a few months. A system we particularly like to use here at Ivory Dental is called Six Months Smiles. This is a fixed brace that uses clear brackets with tooth-colored wires which are virtually invisible. The advantage of using a fixed brace is that it will help provide the most precise tooth movements, giving predictable and conservative final results. Six Months Smiles uses low forces to move the tooth crown and the tooth root at the same time which is why treatment is so quick. Average treatment times are just six months, but it can take between three and nine months to achieve the desired outcome. This is also reflected in the price as treatment is more affordable than aligner technology or traditional braces. It’s also generally a better solution than using porcelain veneers to correct the alignment of teeth.

Why Choose Orthodontic Treatment Over Veneers?

When considering adult orthodontic treatment, it’s possible you might also have thought about correcting your smile with porcelain veneers. While this is one solution it may not be needed if your teeth are generally a pleasing shape and size but are merely slightly out of alignment. By choosing adult orthodontics, you can achieve a straighter smile without the need to modify your actual tooth structure. If you choose to have dental veneers, then it’s normally necessary to remove at least a small portion of your tooth enamel to create sufficient room for the veneers and to shape your teeth into the correct positions. Although the results can look fantastic, you will always need to protect these teeth with veneers in the future and at some point, the veneers will need renewing. With adult orthodontics, the results can last for life, provided of course you wear your retainer once treatment is completed.

What Are the Other Advantages of Choosing Adult Orthodontics?

Most people want adult orthodontics to improve the appearance of their smile, but it could potentially improve your dental health. Do you currently find it difficult to thoroughly floss between crowded or overlapping teeth? Perhaps food frequently becomes impacted in an unsightly gap in between your teeth? When your teeth are straighter it becomes easier to look after them, potentially reducing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Adult orthodontics is suitable for most adults and for some older teens. Just imagine, in a few months, you could have a beautiful new smile. To discover if orthodontics is the best solution for you, just contact Ivory Dental in Sandpoint, Idaho and arrange your consultation with Dr. Hull.