Advanced Dental Technology

Advanced Technology

The hallmark of our Sandpoint dental practice is the commitment we have to stay in tune with the latest technology available in Dentistry today. This is a factor that makes a tremendous difference in the quality of your dental experience. These are some of the advanced technologies that we utilize in our office.

Digital X-Rays

This technology has changed dentistry significantly in the last 10 years. Digital x-rays have reduced the amount of radiation associated with dental films by nearly 90%. They have eliminated a significant environmental issue with the elimination of the chemicals associated with traditional film processing. We gain 10 times more information and detail with the ability to show you as a patient what is going on in much clearer terms. This technology has quickly become the standard of care in dental treatment.

Digital Scanning

Digital Scanning is another technology that has transformed dentistry. It allows us to take impressions without the tray and gagging experiences we were limited too in the past. While not available for all procedures, it is a great step forward in the procedures we can do, as it is generally much easier for the patient and far more accurate than traditional techniques.

Laser Dentistry

Although hardly new, as we have been utilizing this technology for over ten years now, this continues to be an exciting and constantly growing application in the dental office. We utilize the laser in all of our periodontal treatment regimens, for most small fillings especially with children (without needing anesthetic), for oral surgery, for endodontic treatment (root canals), as well as simple things like desensitizing teeth or treating apthous ulcers (cold sores). This technology has cut the number of our periodontal surgery cases by 50%. It also allows us to create ideal cosmetic results in front teeth where excessive or unbalanced gum heights have compromised the cosmetic outcome.

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