Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment

Over 85% of the adult population has some degree of gum disease, and when advanced periodontal disease is present, the teeth and gums are cleaned with a more specialized approach, possibly requiring more than one visit to remove buildup and infection. The bacteria found in the deeper pockets is very resistant to most forms of treatment. To overcome this and assist you with being as comfortable as possible, our office uses a state-of-the- art laser therapy that is specifically designed for treating these difficult strains. This laser technology has helped us reduce by almost 50% the number of full periodontal surgeries we used to see. The result is a much less traumatic and is often a much less expensive treatment

Gum Disease in Sandpoint ID

There is now extensive information and studies demonstrating the relationship of gum disease to a whole host of systemic disease processes.

The most notable is the relationship to heart disease and diabetes. Today, cardiac surgeons will rarely move forward with any treatment until the underlying periodontal disease concerns have been addressed. Check out the AAOSH website.

After you've completed our periodontal program, you are placed on a maintenance program that will allow us to closely monitor your healing response; however, should the periodontal disease progress, Dr. Hull will recommend you for surgery either in our office or with a periodontist (a Sandpoint dentist specializing in gum tissue health).

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