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This is the story of a man whose dream came true, both professionally and personally. Two items figured high on the wish list of Benjamin (“call me Ben”) D. Hull when he graduated from Sandpoint High School. He wanted to become a dentist, and then return to his home town. Today, home-grown Sandpoint dentist Ben Hull is a happy man as he looks out from his Ivory DDS dental office to drink in the atmosphere of the local community he loves.

Ben won a coveted scholarship in the Idaho Dental Education Program, which accepts only eight students a year, and graduated with flying colors – Summa Cum Laude – from Creighton University. He says: “After dental school, I was able to buy a practice in my home town. My wife, Diana, and I grew up here in Sandpoint, so we jumped at the opportunity to come back home.” The couple have two children, Olivia and Jase.

As a Sandpoint dentist, Ben Hull was determined to give something back to the Idaho community that nurtured his dental aspirations, and Ivory DDS quickly gained a reputation among people looking for a local dentist in Sandpoint for providing an extensive range of high-quality services. Ben’s surgical expertise means he is able to carry out procedures such as implants and extractions at his Sandpoint dental office, saving his patients the inconvenience of referral to a specialist out of town.

Another aspect of Ben’s drive to serve the local community is mirrored in his dedication to keeping up with cutting-edge dental technology, and he specializes in the use of Dental Cone 3D Imaging, a CT scanning technique that allows s high level of precision in diagnoses and treatment.

“We Pride Ourselves in Being Honest”

Ben's Family

Ben’s links with Sandpoint – his grandparents lived in the town – enable him to relate to his patients as people, not just clients, which makes for a great rapport, his self-effacing, laid-back personality belying his wealth of experience and expertise as a dentist.

He says: “I meet my patients where they are at – I’m not there to push an agenda. I want my patients to get the best possible care, wherever they are financially or whatever their dental healthcare goals are. I am good at seeing the overall picture of a dental situation, and I am very calm, collected, and thorough. We pride ourselves in being honest and upfront with our patients.”

If you’re looking for a local dentist in Sandpoint, Ben and his team of experts will discuss all the options available to you, in order to draw up a customized plan of treatment. Ben’s services include preventative care, treatment to combat gum disease, orthodontics to fix crooked teeth, and cosmetic dentistry.

When Ben’s not taking care of his patients’ teeth, he enjoys the Great Outdoors. “I pretty much love all things outdoors, including hunting, fishing, backpacking and camping,” says Ben. “I don’t go skiing, though, which is funny considering where we live - at the base of Schweitzer Mountain!”

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