Adult Orthodontics

Adult Orthodontics

Get the beautiful smile you've always wanted with our Six Month Smiles program right here in Sandpoint ID, engineered for older teens and adults. The virtually invisible braces are worn for approximately 3 to 9 months, achieving similar results to those seen with traditional orthodontics. How exciting is this? A beautiful smile that you can be proud of is now possible in less than 1 year. Here are some case examples to give you an idea of what we can do.


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After Pic 1


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After Pic 2


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Why Try Our Orthodontic Program?

When you don't like your smile and other treatment options don't appeal to you.

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After Pic 4


When you want to better your ability to keep your teeth clean and prevent gum disease.

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After Pic 5


When a great smile will boost your confidence like few things can.

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After Pic 6


When you don't want to wait the 2–3 years it takes with traditional orthodontic treatment.

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When you want to straighten crowded and overlapped teeth or close the spaces between them.

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Six Month Smiles® is the best choice for adults interested in quickly and affordably making life-changing cosmetic improvements to their smiles. Our Patient Stories page allows you to see and hear how Six Month Smiles has changed the lives of real people just like you.

To check out some of the patient testimonial videos and to see if Six Month Smiles is right for you, just click on the picture below!

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