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The technology and changes in techniques and materials have brought our ability to deliver truly beautiful cosmetic results to very high levels. Today, many, if not most, cosmetic cases involve multiple dental disciplines such as implants, orthodontics, laser tissue re-contouring, and restorative procedures. The bleaching technology has also improved dramatically, as you can see in some of the cases presented here. The most important aspect in achieving the best cosmetic results, however, is a thorough evaluation of all aspects of treatment and a concise game plan for accomplishing those goals. Below are some examples of the kinds of multi-discipline cases that can be done. In addition, there are some examples of what we can do simply with the Zoom advanced bleaching system.

Case #1

This case involved some orthodontics, some tissue re-contouring, and extensive restorative. Proper planning and timing make all the difference in achieving this type of result.

Case 1

Case #2

This case involved orthodontics, tissue re-contouring, and restorative procedures as well. These types of cases literally transform people's lives.

Case 2

Case #3

This case again utilized a combination of orthodontic movement, laser tissue re-contouring, and some cosmetic reshaping.

Case 3

Case #4

This case involved the placement of an implant, tissue re-contouring, and a restorative crown.

Case 4

Case #5

These cases are an example of what can be done with simply bleaching with the new ZOOM technology.

Case 5 -1

Case 5-2

Case 5-3

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