IV Conscious Sedation

IV Conscious Sedation

There is a number of different ways that we can help our patients feel comfortable through their dental procedure. But when you’re especially nervous, have extensive treatment requirements, or someone in your family has special needs, the best form of sleep dentistry is likely IV conscious sedation.

What is IV Conscious Sedation?

IV sedation uses intravenous delivery to administer a prescription sedative medication into your veins. Compared to lighter sedatives such as oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide analgesia, IV conscious sedation allows:

  • Faster onset of the medication
  • Delivery for a specific amount of time
  • Deeper relaxation for our patients
  • Immediate reversal of sedative effects
  • Ideal for special needs or extremely anxious patients
  • Preferred for longer procedures

Why it’s Great for Our Patients

Complete multiple procedures at the same appointment. When you need several different treatments, it’s common to have them broken up into various phases that are spread out over the course of several weeks or even months. But such planning requires extra time off of work and multiple appointments to arrange.

With IV conscious sedation, we can complete several different phases of treatment in one sitting; you won’t even realize it. Because you will feel so relaxed you may fall asleep for the procedure, you won’t mind if it’s a longer procedure. When you are no longer on the sedative, you may not even realize that it’s been long enough to complete all of it — it seems that fast!

Feel comfortable with any type of treatment. Whether you need to have a few fillings placed or an oral surgery, IV conscious sedation means you’ll barely be unaware of what’s going on during the process. The medications used for your sedation are carefully measured to provide maximum comfort. Phobic dental patients find IV sedation the perfect way to overcome their fear of the dentist and finally complete the treatments that they need.

It’s extremely safe. Only licensed medical and dental anesthesia specialists can provide IV conscious sedation. There are extremely strict protocols that we follow to insure your safety.

Is Getting IV Conscious Sedation Expensive?

You may be able to combine both your dental and medical insurance coverage to help pay for sedation dentistry, depending on the procedure being performed. Although any type of sedation adds a cost to the total treatment fee, it can help our patients save money over time by preventing the delay in dental care (and the added costs necessary for treating more extensive oral health needs.)

Find out if you’re a candidate for IV conscious sedation or other relaxation options today by scheduling a consultation with our office in Sandpoint, Idaho. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have. Please be sure to bring a list of current medications, drug allergies, and the contact information for your medical providers.

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